So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

Before I break out into song, or tears… This last good bye will be short.

I never in a million years thoughts I’d be leaving London. Traveling extensively? For sure! But leaving? Never! I suppose we all can have a change of heart and for now mine is leading me to tick off some bucket list locations and then some necessary time with family in Australia.

I’ll miss renting a room in a shitty flat, having something to do EVERY night that always ends up with me stumbling home at 3am, oh, and the endless rainy days… Ha! Well, we all know I’m kidding on that one!

London, you’ve been both very good and very, very bad to me, but you’ll always be a city I can call home. Now to start the next adventure. Until next time…

♥ Love from Leah