Tourist Tip: René Nardone

Most people will tell you that the best ice-cream and gelato can be found in Italy, well, they would wrong. I have never tasted any better than the ice-cream served at René Nardone in Lyon.
The flavour options are endless and not only do they sell ice-cream in a cone or cup to go, you can sit at this lovely cafe and have your pick of over 50 different dessert options ranging from sundaes, to crepes and cakes. Don’t worry they offer an English menu if your French is not great!
I really recommend trying the slightly unusual flavours, such as rose or violet. These melt in your mouth ice-creams, along with the passionfruit or mint, were my absolute favourite! Trust me when I say that this is the best ice-creamery.

The little cafe had me wanting to come back to eat their desserts each day as I enjoyed it so much and the staff are so friendly and happy to speak some English with you. I hope if anyone has the chance they will grab a 3 scoop cone and sit on the canal across the road in summertime.

♥ Love from Leah