Switzerland Isn’t Just About Mountains

Ok let’s be honest. There isn’t many things to see within Geneva, Switzerland. It’s very similar to Andorra la Vella, Andorra with amazing views, beautiful scenery, but it’s very, very expensive!

If you are thinking of staying in Geneva then a must see location is the Saint Pierre Cathedral. You are able to enter for free, but I suggest paying the 5CHF (Francs) to climb the narrow stairs and witness a stunning 360 degree view of the city and lake. Alternatively, have a look at places to travel out of the city, such as Lausanne or Charmey (Gruyères) as these are only a few hours driving with Switzerland being a fairly small country.

I was lucky enough to be hosted by the lovely Jeremy, who drove me to a beautiful hot spa called Les Bains de la Gruyères. The entry for this spa is £26 and personally I felt it was overpriced as the pools weren’t as warm as expected and there were only three pools to swim within, with one currently under construction.

Along with the pools there are hammam rooms varying in temperature and humidity to help sweat out impurities. Even being Australian, I could only handle 55 degrees with 75% humidity room. If you’re brave, you may want to try the 65-75 degree room with 100% humidity. I only lasted 1 minute!

We followed this warm spa afternoon by filling out bellies with cheese fondue at the traditional restaurant Le Chalet de Gruyères and it was to die for! I went for the potatoes and Jeremy had the bread. We then shared the cured meat and gherkins. It is suggested by locals that you have either a black tea or white wine with the meal, as soft drink mixed with the cheese is likely to be unsettling to the tummy.

There is also a very interesting restaurant and museum for any fans of the movie Alien displaying the Swiss painter, H.R Giger’s work. I would suggest traveling to Gruyères, even just for the fondue located amongst the castle grounds and interesting stores full of homemade Swiss trinkets.

I believe you only need a couple of days within Geneva as the town is very small and easily walked around within a few hours. If you are on a budget though, ensure you allow for more spending as simple things such as groceries can cost more than expected! I bought two tomatoes, two apples, two nectarines and a tin of tuna and the cost when converted was €10!

I did however, thoroughly enjoy my time in Geneva and would recommend it as a quick stop from Lyon, France via bus like I did if you have the time.

♥ Love from Leah