Back to Barcelona

A quick Flashback Friday as I’m off to Spain today for 6 days with my friend Dale!

This picture was taken two years ago at the La Tomatina Festival in Buñol, not too far from Valencia.

The festival, much like the running of the bulls, is a yearly tradition for the Spanish whereby thousands of people pack into a small street and begin to throw rotten tomatoes at each other after a person in the crowd successfully retrieves a ham from the top of a very high greased up pole.

It is an amazing site to see and one I recommend everyone has the chance to witness. Due to popularity they now restrict the event with tickets and charge an entry fee, unlike previous years before. I bought my ticket with a bus group so that I would have transport to and from Valencia on the day and it made life much easier!
Remember to wear old clothes you are happy to throw out afterwards and have fun washing yourself off afterwards in the lake!

♥ Love from Leah