Duomo Days and Milano Living

The best way to describe the Duomo in Milan is as an ancient cathedral, splendid in design, unique in its structure and surrounded by a shopping mall. It is a beautiful wonder amongst the urban lifestyle, that each intricate detail, carved from stone, makes you stop and stare in awe. At only €2.50 to enter, you’d be silly not to wait an hour or so in line to see what awaits inside.

Personally, I find Milan to be bland of colour and quite dirty as a busy city, but it is worth it to spend even only a day to see the Duomo and the other few monuments available to enter for free such as the Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II is located directly next to the duomo so you can’t miss it. I have to recommend finding the tiled bull design located in the circular centre of the building. It is tradition to spin around 3 times on the balls of the bull for luck. It’s a fun experience even if you don’t believe in the origins of the bull and is great just for a photo/video. You will be able to easily locate it by looking for a large group of people laughing!

If you have some time left in the afternoon then happy hour is always dedicated to GELATO! Although I am gluten intolerant and Italy is basically my enemy with all of the pizza and pasta options to pick from, I did have to endure in the guilty pleasure that was an ice-cream crepe concoction from Cioccolat Italiani Milani. Watching them put together this masterpiece of food was almost as pleasurable as eating it!

Finally, as a girl who has dedicated her life to fashion and is a lover of design, colour and architecture, then I can’t go on without writing about one of the best streets in the world, Via Della Spiga. Walking this cobbled street felt like being in another world compared to the dirty streets of Milan.

Being surrounded by gorgeous window displays was as close to heaven as I can get, but I felt too beneath the people that shop regularly on Via Della Spiga and was not with appropriate company that would have appreciated the boutiques beauty to even enter some my favourite stores. Even if you aren’t interested in fashion a quick stroll down this famous street will give you the possibility of seeing a celebrity, or at least a lot of limousines with tinted windows!

♥ Love from Leah