The Dacosto Family

Only a few select people know how traumatic my recent experience was whilst working at an English speaking summer camp in Italy. When I’m ready to tell that story you can be certain it will be on this blog, but for now this is an appreciation post the most wonderful Italian woman I have had the pleasure to meet. This is Marina, my amazing Camp Director.

Marina was my support and guiding light through the tough times. She knew what was lacking from the company I was working for and stepped in to provide the help needed as well as to ensure my safety in an unknown community was considered a priority. This woman is so kind and generous that I will forever be grateful to have spent time with both herself and her family, including individual time with her children Irene and Lorenzo.

Marina was like a mother during my 2 weeks at camp and when things were no longer safe to my health and sanity, she allowed me to spend my final days at camp sleeping in her home.

(Alpha, the family dog. She gave the best cuddles.)

I will never be able to express my thanks enough to the Dacosto family for sharing their home and food, allowing me to meet their friends and most of all for bringing light into the darkness. Marina was the only one there when I needed it most and I will always owe a debt to these wonderful people for looking after me as if I was a part of their own family.

I know one day we will meet again in much happier times and it will be a moment I will look forward to.

♥ Love from Leah