Roaming Around Rome

After a rough couple of weeks followed by spending a luxurious 5 days in Positano it was time to make the long trek from Positano to Rome for my flight to Athens, Greece. I was so ready to experience the Greek culture again.

Now, I have already been to Rome 3 years ago, however this quick trip was going to be extra special as I was going to spend the afternoon with one of my favourite Aussie girls from London, Holly.

(Colosseum just after a quick bit of rain)

We only had 5 hours, but as we both knew the lay of the land it made it so easy to dash around the sites for some happy snaps together and we really made the most of it by non-stop chatting about life, to catch up on the bits we might have missed from not spending everyyyyy weekend together like we used to. This small catch up really boosted me to get back on track again for what is to lie ahead in my travel plans for the next few months.

The day was perfectly warm and we got some fantastic pictures together, however the one I love the most has to be of holly’s ‘favourite’ building, a hotel called Bernini. Honestly, I can’t say I was as intrigued by the pink lit building, but it seems Holly has found the greatest building in the world and might marry the damn thing she professed her love for it so much!

The most memorable part of the night was actually the worst decision of the night… We decided it would be smart to be super cheap and try an Italian buffet restaurant that included a free cocktail for only €10. Boy, were we dumb. The least I can see is that the food was inedible and the Mojitos were the worst I’ve ever tasted, but we made it a mission to force ourselves to drink the disgusting drink on principle! We couldn’t stop laughing the whole time about how bad everything was, but we were happy to have shared it together.

(Pantheon at dusk)

If you are heading to Rome, I recommend an all day metro pass. It is only €7 and you can ride the metro as many times as you like within 24hrs. This is a relatively cheap ticket price compared to other 24hr passes I’ve seen across Europe, so it’s worth it if you’re the type that won’t be walking between historical sites. Also, if you are to see anything in Rome then the Trevi Fountain and Colosseum should be at the top of your list. I know these are places everyone knows of well, but you can’t understand the sheer wonder and appreciation you will have for both monuments until you are there in person standing in front of such a beautiful structure.

I am looking forward to catching up again with this beautiful girl in another country somewhere in the next few months! Hopefully one we’ve both never been to and for a longer period of time!

♥ Love from Leah