Travel Tip: Hostel Brikette

Staying in a hotel on the beautiful coast of Italy is a pipe dream for many people, or one that would take them a considerable amount of time to save for. Lucky for everyone, you all have me to help you halve your expenses and spend your well earned cash on actually exploring the sites.

In peak season from June-August, hotels in Sorrento, Positano and the Amalfi Coast can average a minimum of €150-€200 per night. It’s extortionate, but they know they know that there are people willing to pay any amount for a room, after all, a view like this is priceless.

This is where my suggestion of the wonderful (and only) Hostel in Positano comes into play. What Hostel Brikette lacks in room service and private suits, it exceeds in pleasant staff, great views, helpful advice and the option to mix and mingle with people from all over the world on their terrace with a beer or glass of red in hand.

Now obviously, this isn’t the type of place for an older married couple, but that demographic has had many more years to save than the young 20-30 something person wanting to relax but have a bit more of a social time. The dorm rooms average €50 per night which less than a third of the average for a hotel in the same location and honestly, the coast is expensive enough in the ways of food and attractions, that Hostel Brikette provides a steal in comparison!

It is incredibly easy to navigate yourself to the hostel either from Naples or Sorrento. Once in Sorrento catch the red SITA bus in the direction of the Amalfi Coast and you will exit at the first stop in Positano. It takes merely an hour to arrive and only costs €1.90 for the journey, but just remember to tell the bus driver to stop at Bar Internationale before you get on to make you life a lot easier as bus stops don’t have names!

Be aware when waiting in line for the SITA bus that you’re not only competing with tourists for a spot on the bus, but locals as this is their main form of transportation up and over the steep hills and they’ll push to the front of the line for a seat. Personally I’d suggest catching the bus from Sorrento around 11am to miss the peak travel times and reduce your stress levels.

(View from my balcony at Hostel Brikette)

As a side note, I’m normally the type of savvy traveler seeking the best deal possible, so recommending a hostel at this price is a rarity from me, but I am doing this to help you learn from my errors. Originally I was going to be staying in Naples and traveling to the coast each day. Sure this is great to save you a bundle in accommodation, but squishing like sardines onto a 1hr train ride to Sorrento from Naples, then a further 1-1.5hr bus ride to Positano or the Amalfi Coast really isn’t worth your energy. You’ll have little time to explore and be constantly thinking in the back of your mind about missing your bus/train back home that you won’t fully enjoy yourself.

This kind of holiday deserves your full attention in the form of complete relaxation and that is why Hostel Brikette is your perfect choice. I can’t finish this post without mentioning the stairs in Positano.

Unfortunately the stairs are one of the charms to creating such a beautifully structured cliff side view, but walking up and down 734 steps a day can be tough and not for the faint of heart. The cute decorated homes are a major plus to the stair debacle. Do realise though, that countless stairs are unavoidable for any hotel or hostel across the coast and aren’t just exclusive to the location of Hostel Brikette. Just think of the positives whilst gritting your teeth climbing, such as, “DAMN! My butt is going to be so bootylicious, even Beyoncé would be jealous.”

♥ Love from Leah