Travel Tip: Michel’angelo’s Ristorante

Being that it is Tuesday, it’s time for a throwback (I know that’s normally on a Thursday, but this is my blog and I’ll throwback if I want to!) to one of the best restaurants I ate at in Italy. Whilst in Positano a group of my fellow hostel buddies decided to take a day trip to Capri. The timing was unfortunate as we picked the only day it ended up raining and we weren’t able to see the Blue Grotto which was at the top of our list.

Instead we took some time to explore the other sites of the island and felt things were a bit drab as everything was damp and covered in construction. We had no set plan or further ideas of what we felt we could do with our time and contemplated getting the ferry back to Positano early, that is until we stumbled upon Michel’angelo’s Ristorante.


This gorgeous restaurant is well hidden from all the tourist traps and poorly serviced cafes that line the cobbled walkways of Capri. The only way we spotted it was a well placed chalkboard. As we stood for a while contemplating whether we should walk down the alleyway to check it out, an American woman crossing our paths shouted back in our direction “Don’t go any further! You have to stuff your faces there. You won’t regret it!” Boy, was she right. It was one of the best meals I’d had in a very long time and definitely sits in my top 3 places to eat in all of Italy.

(Starter – Melon and Prosciutto)

For my starter I chose melon with prosciutto as it fast became my favourite dish in Italy and I was incredibly satisfied. They used rock melon (or to internationals cantaloupe) instead of honeydew which absolutely made my day and tasted so sweet and fresh against the salty meat! I’m a sucker for seafood, so being on an island I of course chose the seafood risotto as my main. Words can’t describe how good it was, but it’s safe to say I basically became a human vacuum and hoovered the entire plate up quick smart!

(Main – Seafood Risotto)

The restaurant was such a lovely highlight from the miserable wet day and being towards the end of season they weren’t as busy as they certainly could have been. We felt like we had the whole restaurant to ourselves and for a lunch only valued at €20 for 2 courses, we basically got it for a steal! The best discovery was that the owners were a couple consisting of an Australian woman and an Italian man and it turns out that they were the ones serving us the whole time. They are such a generous couple and were excited to have so many Australians amongst them that they took the service charge off, provided us with free frozen Limoncello shots and then gave us great advice of places to see for the rest of the day.

(Via Krupp)

It was such a special meeting and all of their suggestions were fantastic that our day trip ended up being a great success even without seeing the Blue Grotto. My top Tourist Tips for Capri would be to head to the Gardens of Augustus. It’s only €2 to enter and gives the best view of the Via Krupp, a lovely little windy street and Faraglioni a rock formation in the waters off Capri. If you do have the opportunity to have good weather for the Blue Grotto, get in early as come the afternoon the water is too high with the tide to enter the cave. Plus why wouldn’t you want to arrive early, when you now know the option of lunch at Michelangelo’s Ristorante is waiting for you on your return back to land.

♥ Love from Leah