Video: Geronimo Into Greece!

I decided to spend my remaining days of the summer season in September flitting between a few of the Greek islands, enjoying a gyros and ice-cream cone, or two, a day. With all that eating I had to get up to some exploring to keep off the extra weight!

This video shares some of my favourite adventures in Athens, Rhodes, Santorini and Crete. From swimming in secret caves, cliff jumping off hidden islands, rock climbing and abseiling a mountain and exploring UNESCO world heritage sites such as the Acropolis. These 4 weeks island hopping have been one of my favourite parts of this journey so far.

Please note that there is a short section of video at the end from the Sea Caves in Ayia Napa and the Salt Lakes in Larnaca, which are both in Cyprus. I am very aware that Cyprus is its own country, but the half of the island I visited is filled with Greek influence and speaks the Greek language. Plus, I didn’t film enough to warrant its own separate video, so sue me!

Enjoy reliving some of the best days of my life with me. 🙂

♥ Love from Leah